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AA History Group Study Topic Suggestions for You

“I Want to Start an A.A. History and ‘Old-School’ A.A. Bible Roots Group!”

Article Four: Suggested Topics for Your “Old-School” Meetings

By Dick B.

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Article Three provided two samples of how you can lead your meetings. And we will write three or four short articles that give you some practical suggestions and some hints for avoiding controversy and blockades.

This article (Article Four) provides dozens of suggested topics to use at an “old-school” meeting. There certainly can be no “one size fits all.” What you do in a meeting, what the topic should be, and how you should conduct a meeting depends on all of the following vital factors:

·         Asking God in the name of Jesus Christ what He would like to see you do, and exactly how to do it.

·         Following His directions.

·         Making your own choice, depending upon the topic, the type of meeting, and what the Group has decided in its “informed group conscience” meeting.

·         Aiming at serving and glorifying God and His Son Jesus Christ.

·         Carrying an accurate, effective message to those who still suffer that God can and will help them if they want that help and have renounced drinking and drugging for good.

The first suggested groups of topics are provided in our new book:

Dick B. and Ken B., Stick with the Winners! How to Conduct More Effective 12-Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference-Approved Literature: A Dick B. Guide for Christian Leaders and Workers in the Recovery Arena (Kihei, HI: Paradise Research Publications, Inc., 2010).

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The second suggested groups of topics are presented in our new, 27-video class:

Dick B. and Ken B., “Stick with the Winners!” A 27-video class (2012).

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The third suggested groups of topics are provided in our guide:

Dick B. and Ken B., The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide: Historical Perspectives and Effective Modern Application, 3rd ed. (Kihei, HI: Paradise Research Publications, Inc., 2010)

You can read more about this important resource here:

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The fourth suggested group of topics may be gleaned, title by title, subject by subject, in each of the 29 volumes of “The Dick B.  A.A. History and Christian Recovery Reference Set.” We have made this entire set available at the substantially discounted price of $249.00 (includes shipping within the United States. Please contact us about shipping outside the U.S.). We have recommended that every group obtain this Reference Set. Each of the books, with a picture page, is described on our website:


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If you have any godly questions concerning the topics and resources discussed above, please phone Dick B. at 1-808-874-4876 or Ken B. at 1-808-276-4945. Or send me (Dick B.) an email message at

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