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The Agape Circle

Sponsoring ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

Help is On Its Way

The following Christian Recovery Leaders and Organizations have already become members of the Agape Circle and are helping sponsor ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood, California

Cornerstone Church in Livermore, California

John J. Mooney, M.D., Massachusetts

Chris P., Recovered With Life, Toronto, Canada

Ex-Cons for Christ, Tim & Kelli White, San Bernardino, California

Father Bill W., Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee, Round Rock, Texas

Carl (Tuchy) Palmieri, Healing-Habits, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Anonymous, Sandy, Utah

Lawrence A. Appley Foundation, via its President, Ronald Glosser, Akron, Ohio

Bill Boyles, Won Way Out, Wyoming, Delaware


Background Reasons for Asking Your Help

An event of great significance occurred recently with regard to our work of unearthing, collating, reporting, and disseminating the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement. And then in our establishing and enlarging ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

We devoted twenty-two years to travel, interviews, examination of books and records, visits to archives, acquisition of massive historical documents and books, and then analyzing them and reporting them—one by one—as the truth appeared.

The cost was quite large. It would have been far beyond my reach, resources, and retirement income financially. It involved the cost of printing more than 125 titles, counting reprints and subsequent revisions; the cost of storing about 14,000 books year after year, and then shipping them. It involved the large cost of our traveling with attendant air fare, transportation, meals, lodging, and incidentals. It involved the expenditure of immense amount of time and effort by my son Ken B. and even many others. And, of course, it involved acquisition, maintenance, and replacement of office equipment, supplies, and incidentals. Finally, one of the most productive, yet expensive aspects was traveling to, staying over a week or so, and speaking at or meeting with scores of AAs, NAs, treatment people, historical notables, historians, curators, clergy, physicians, and large numbers of Christian recovery leaders, workers, newcomers, and the concerned public.

For the past six months, we have worked hard to scale back all the typical past expenses of books, travel, printing, computers, storage, internet presentations, conferences, and meetings. Our books are now print-on-demand which means neither printing 5000 books at a time, cross-shipping, them, and storing them. And now, slowly but surely, our books are being published in electronic form.

In doing so, we have made known to a growing body of churches, clergy, recovery pastors, care pastors, Christian recovery leaders, benefactors, and others our plan to continue our work of making the application of time-honored Christian recovery tools available to a host of people and institutions in the recovery arena, including those who want God’s help, and may be receptive to Christian fellowship of the kind manifested in First Century Christianity, the early Akron A.A. Christian fellowship, and in the hearts and minds of hungry recovered, recovering, and new alcoholics and addicts and those with life-controlling problems.

The need for continuing, expanding, and widely distributing materials exists because of the secularization of our society and our recovery fellowships, programs, and movements. It exists because of the dearth of information today about the effectiveness of Christian recovery organizations, leaders, and societies long before and at the founding of the modern-day Twelve Step and Anonymous groups. And it exists because of the incredible lack of knowledge that those who treat, those who counsel, those who speak about, those who lead, those who sponsor, those who serve, and those who are new to recovery from the ravages of alcoholism and addiction.

We also believe, from the trends and topics of the times, that a new approach is long overdue in order to accomplish our mission. Thus there is a greater need among us as volunteers for low costs, eliminating storage and shipping and printing expenses, using the tools of the time—Videos, audios, radio, radio programs, YouTube, forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, social media, newsletters---and making most of the material free for the user to hear, view, obtain, organize, lead, and use.

The Plan for the Agape Circle

Ten organizations and individuals have now become part of the Agape Circle

Several churches and individuals have already recognized the modest need and are contributing $50.00 per month each to Dick B. to support the continued research, writing, expansion, counsel, and growth of the application of old school A.A. and its Christian principles and practices in Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 Step programs, and recovery work today.

For large cost items, including those for conferences, major publishing expenses, and travel, several have joined on this basis. And we still invite and do receive tax deductible donations that enable the remaining and much more costly work. And we still define the needs and invite those gifts.

But for the day in day out work right here on Maui, our dream is to have a circle—an “Agape Circle”—of at least twenty Christian churches or recovery groups and leaders who will graciously provide a monthly stipend payable to Dick B. in amount of $50.00 each month.

We now have ten, and we invite you to join them. As stated, several are doing, or are about to do, just that. We believe the $50.00 monthly amount is reasonable. We have specific plans to live within the circle contributions. And we will deeply appreciate your becoming part of the circle with your church or recovery program, or Christian fellowship.

The answer desired?

Yes, Dick!

Our group will help your work by sending to Dick B., PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753 a donation of $50.00 per month as our contribution to the Agape Circle.



Phone and email:______________________________________________________________

Amount we will send each month: $  ______________________________________________

Please send contributions by paypal on our main website www.dickb.com; or use your credit card by phone to 808 874 4876; or send your check or money order to Dick B., PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

Gloria Deo

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What do you say to the bloviator who has no facts

What do you say to a bloviator who has never done his or her homework

Dick B.

Here’s my response to a kindly writer who’s wondering what to say to a complainant who can’t back up his criticisms:

“There'a a jerk online that says "you are the most biased writer" it's all your opinion of aa history. When I was in seminary and wrote research papers they were to be footnoted and all sources cited . Your work is heavily noted and cited. Do you have another way to gently deflect such ignorant ranting ? Yours In Christ Rev Joe Brooks

6 minutes ago

Dick B.:

Thank you, Joe. Our work comes from 22 years of careful research and documentation and footnoting. Today we only answer courteous and relevant inquiries. But we do point people to A.A.'s own Conference-approved literature first and ask if the complainant has done his homework and read the material. Beyond that, the Adversary is the great Accuser and Father of lies. And there is a saying that a lie gets half way around the world before the truth has time to get its shirt on. Please keep in touch. We need you, and so do the suffering souls who want God's help just as early AAs did. In His Service, Dick www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com

International Christian Recovery Coalition


International Christian Recovery Coalition: An informal fellowship of Christian Leaders and Workers in the recovery arena

Monday, July 2, 2012

Preview: Dick B. Interviews David P., Rock Recovery, San Diego

Preview of Dick B.’s July 3, 2012, Radio Interview with Christian Recovery Leader David P. of the Rock Church in San Diego

By Dick B.

© 2012 Anonymous. All rights reserved

Tomorrow, July 3, 2012, we will have David P. of San Diego as our guest. David is a businessman; a long-recovered A.A. member; overseer of Rock Recovery Ministry (http://www.sdrock.com/ministries/rockrecovery/), and a hands-on worker with alcoholics, addicts, and those who have other life-controlling problems in the vibrant Rock Church arena in San Diego, California. Rock Church is a rockin’ church. Thousands pour into the church each Sunday. It is the largest church in San Diego County. It has a noted senior pastor. Many of its members are involved in the recovery community. And the church certainly reaches out to help alcoholics, addicts, and other suffering souls in many ways.

David is a fast-moving catalyst in all these endeavors. As part of his work with Rock Recovery Ministry, he focuses on residential recovery facilities, treatment, the needs of the newcomer, and involvement in a broad community outreach through the church and the 12 Step recovery community. That focus also includes the Bible, attention to early A.A.’s Christian roots, and a balanced view of the importance of both “anonymous” fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous and Christian Recovery fellowships in the life of a church like the Rock Church.

Tuesday, David will probably introduce you to the following:

·         A little about his family, education, business, and drink-drug encounters.

·         A little about his A.A. involvement—past and present.

·         A little about Rock Church, its size, success, and dynamism.

·         A lot about the Rock Recovery Ministry as an outreach arm of the Rock Church to those who still suffer with addiction, including those involved in A.A., N.A., and Christian Recovery; e.g.:

o   Rock Recovery Ministry, its Web site, and its structure.

o   Typical activities: A.A. meetings, Bible study, the initial orientation meeting, the Beach Bonfire, Quiet Time and texting, attendance at the Rock Church, and other forms of outreach.

o   The sober living residential and treatment facilities—approach, number, beds, costs, recovery aspects, Christian aspects, and A.A. aspects.

o   David’s role in these

·         His support of our work and of the International Christian Recovery Coalition—including free distribution of Dick B.’s title, The Good Book and the Big Book; conference travel support, interviews, mention of Dick B. on their Web site, and personally.

·         Mission and visions for the future.

We welcome our good friend and Christian Recovery Leader David P.

Dick B.’s email:                                                                      DickB@DickB.com

Dick B.’s main Web site:                                                        www.DickB.com

“Christian Recovery Radio with DickB” show archive:        www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

Gloria Deo

Old School A.A. Meetings in Canada: Mark Galligan Interview

Mark Galligan Explains How the Christian Recovery Meeting in His Home Applies “Old-School” A.A. Principles in 12-Step Recovery Today

Dick B.

© 2012 Anonymous. All Rights reserved

Synopsis of Dick B.’s Radio Interview of Mark Galligan Today

Over and over each week, my son Ken and I receive emails and phone calls from AAs, NAs, Christian recovery leaders, 12 Step Fellowships, and others in the recovery arena asking virtually the same question and phrased as follows:

I never heard in A.A. or learned anything about how the early A.A. program conducted its successful meetings, and talked freely about God and His Son Jesus Christ and the Bible. I never heard that A.A. General Service Conference-approved literature supports incorporating early A.A.’s principles and practices as an option available in today’s meetings. I get rebuked in meetings if I mention Jesus Christ or the Bible in A.A. meetings. But our group is hungry for more information about “old-school” A.A., and about how to establish and conduct meetings today that will study, discuss, and apply “old-school” A.A. principles and practices now. Where do we start?

In our frequent “Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B.” radio show interviews, we are hearing from leaders all over the world who are telling us how hungry their friends and acquaintances are for information, how much they want to start a study group, and how sorely they need information and guidance as to how to go about it.

Mark’s second interview today lays out clearly some very significant facts about how his Canadian meetings are doing it with great success today in house meetings with up to 20 men—half considered “newcomers” (those who have six months or less of sobriety) and half considered “old-timers” (those who have, on average, 10 years or more of sobriety). And our listeners can learn a lot from Mark’s talk. They can also get in touch with him as a “Christian Recovery Resource Center or Person” associated with the International Christian Recovery Coalition and as a member of the Coalition’s Speakers Bureau Here are some salient points from my interview of Mark Galligan today.

The Meeting Focus:

Like those in early A.A. in Akron, the meetings are held in the home. They are directed at initiating newcomers. The aim is to teach the place that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible had in early A.A.  A number of the members use King James Version of the Bible—the “Good Book” early AAs used. Others use the NIV for its updated language. Mark believes there is no conflict in this usage.

The Tools They Use:

1.      The entire text of the original “Serenity Prayer.” (Many involved in recovery have never heard the full, “long form” version of this prayer.)

2.      Key A.A. General Service Conference-approved books; e.g.:

a.       DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers;

b.      Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age;

c.       As Bill Sees It;

d.      The Language of the Heart;

e.       ‘Pass It On.’

3.      The Little Big Book Dictionary (a dictionary and concordance).

4.      The Anonymous Press Study Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, 3rd ed.--each second

Page is blank and enables notes to be made.

5.      The A.A. General Service Conference-approved pamphlet, The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous: Biographical Sketches Their Last Major Talks—stressing Dr. Bob’s last major address where he points out that the old-timers believed that the solution to their problems was in the Good Book (their affectionate name for the Bible), and emphasized as “absolutely essential” Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, 1 Corinthians 13, and the Book of James.

6.      Dick B.’s The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible

The Conduct of the Meetings:

Members must commit to attending each week. They must do the work. And they must be prepared for the subject matter to be discussed.

Each meeting starts with prayer. Then the text. And then a review of what was learned the previous week.

For the first three months, each newcomer must write down—three pages a day—the “first 164 pages of the Big Book”; including the Preamble, the Forewords, and the Doctor’s Opinion. They are told that, if they complete that assignment, at the end of 90 days they will have completed the 12 Steps. Their attention is called to the mention of God 326 times, and to the descriptions of Him as Creator and Maker.

The Problems in Today’s Meetings:

Mark points to the fact that, in many 12-Step recovery meetings today, one hears little about the Twelve Steps. The meetings can be characterized as “group therapy.” Mention of the words God and Jesus Christ are blocked out. A large percentage of the meeting attendees are not interested in hearing about them. And there is a new brand of talk about I, I, Me, Me.

The Growing  Hunger for Truth:

Mark’s group has taken the group to a deeper layer of appreciating what early AAs actually did in their original Akron “Christian fellowship” meetings. He finds newcomers hungry for the Word of God.

The Importance of Quiet Time:

Consistent with what we are finding all over the world, there is a great interest in the restoration of Quiet Time. Mark finds there is very little talk about prayer and meditation or about Quiet Time in most meetings. It’s missing. This despite the fact that A.A.’s own literature points out that meetings were not considered important in early A.A., but that Quiet Time was a must.

We called attention to some strong movements in that direction. For example, Rock Recovery Ministry of the Rock Church in San Diego is now featuring a new book by The Upper Room, titled Disciplines: A Book of Daily Devotions 2013. For some time, members in the recovery program have sent text messages to each other based on what they have learned about the topic for the day found in The Upper Room. Also, in Texas, Father Bill W., an Episcopal priest who formerly headed Austin Recovery, is now Chair of Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee. This committee is making a significant effort in Houston and Austin to plan an effective program of that nature. We also called attention on the program to our popular title, Dick B., Good Morning!: Quiet Time, Morning Watch, Meditation, and Early A.A., 2d ed. (www.dickb.com/goodmorn.shtml), which reports the historical roots of the Quiet Time practice, and the specifics as to how it was done. E.g., the Quiet Time meeting involved an opening prayer, Bible reading, group prayer, seeking God’s guidance, discussion and/or sharing by Dr. Bob’s wife Anne Smith from her personal journal [see Dick B., Anne Smith’s Journal, 1933-1939 (www.dickb.com/annesm.shtml)], and use of The Upper Room and other devotionals such as The Runner’s Bible, and My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.

Conclusion: Mark summed up by repeating the foregoing items, stressing that there was no room for laziness in today’s recovery work. There are plenty of resources available now for satisfy the growing hunger. He again mentioned the important tools being used in the home meetings in Ontario.

You Can Hear the Mark Galligan July 2 Interview Right Now

You may listen to the second part of Dick B.'s interview with “Akronite” and Christian Recovery leader Mark Galligan on the July 2, 2012, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with DickB" show here:

or here:

Episodes of the "Christian Recovery Radio with DickB" show are archived at:

Dick B.’s email:                                                                      DickB@DickB.com

Dick B.’s main Web site:                                                        www.DickB.com

“Christian Recovery Radio with DickB” show archive:        www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

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Follow Dick B. Radio Interviews of Recovery Leaders

Christian Recovery Radio with DickB.

Hear from Christian Recovery Leaders and Workers Around the World

July 1, 2012 – Snippets of our Radio Interviews Thus Far. Many many more to come

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Bill Boyles

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Fri, June 29, 2012

 Our guest, Bill Boyles, is a recovered Christian Recovery leader I have known for many years. I met Bill while doing a series of A.A. Heritage Seminars at the Wilson House (birthplace of A.A. cofounder Bill W.) in East Dorset, Vermont. Bill... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Matt Pierce

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Thu, June 28, 2012

 Our guest is Recovery Pastor Matt Pierce of Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood, California. Matt is truly a Christian Recovery leader. His church has twice sponsored important International Christian Recovery Coalition workshop... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Mark Galligan

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Wed, June 27, 2012

 Mark Galligan is a long-recovered alcoholic, very active in A.A. He is a businessman. He lives in Canada. He is a Christian Recovery Leader and a participant in International Christian Recovery Coalition since its inception in... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Bonnie Burke

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Tue, June 26, 2012

 Bonnie Burke is Wilson House President and Managing Director. Her deceased former husband, Ozzie Lepper, poured his money, his life, and his dreams into the restoration of Wilson House in East Dorset, Vermont. Thats the birthplace of... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Dale Marsh

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Fri, June 22, 2012

 Dale Marsh is a former Oroville, California businessman. He is married, has two children, and used to run a Tile business that sported facades on some Sacramento, California landmarks. But Dale and his family are devoted... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Karen Plavan

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Wed, June 20, 2012

 Our guest is Karen A. Plavan, Ph.D., of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a Christian Recovery Leader and Interim Chairperson of our International Christian Recovery Coalition. In addition, she holds these posts: Director, The Oasis... more

Interview: James Moody, Manna House Ministries, Jamestown TN

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

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on Tue, June 19, 2012

 Our guest is James Moody, head of Manna House Ministries in Jamestown, Tennessee. And Manna House has such an intense, Christian, recovery-oriented program that the best place to get full information is on its top notch... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Russell S

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Fri, June 15, 2012

 Russell S. is a long-recovered Christian attorney who lives and practices law in the Miami, Florida area. His office is located at 14707 South Dixie Highway, Suite 302, Miami, FL 33176. Russell is a Christian recovery leader, a participant in... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery leader Doug Nunes

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Thu, June 14, 2012

 Doug Nunes is Director of Recovery Ministries at a vibrant A.A. friendly, Recovery friendly, Bible friendly, Newcomer friendly, and Outreach friendly church in Los Gatos, California. The church is Calvary Church, 16330 Los Gatos... more

Dick B Interviews Christian Recovery Leader Edward Grinnan

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Wed, June 13, 2012

 Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of Guideposts Publications. He returned from the Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day Celebrations where he was the keynote speaker at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens--the location of th

Dick B Interviews Christian Recovery Leader Tuchy Palmieri

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Tue, Jun 12, 2012

 Carl "Tuchy" Palmieri is a recovered Christian believer and leader from Connecticut. He stands out as a man dedicated to bringing back to A.A., alcoholics and addicts, as well as all who rely on God for help the important... more

Dick B interviews Ron Glosser & Edward Grinnan of Guideposts

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Fri, Jun 8, 2012

 My guests, Ronald D. Glosser and Edward Grinnan, are playing major roles in AA Founders Day in Akron, Ohio, for June 2012. From Akron, theyll focus on the following points: (1) Ohios Henrietta Buckler Seiberling and her vital role in... more

Dick B Interviews Christian Recovery Leader Father Bill W.

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Thu, Jun 7, 2012

 My guest is International Christian Recovery Coalition participant, Father Bill W. of Texas. Bill is currently Chairman of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee. He has been a continuously sober and recovered alcoholic for 40... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery Leader Ray G.

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Tue, Jun 5, 2012

 This one of our interviews of our Christian Recovery Leaders. Ray G., of Newton Falls, Ohio, is our guest today. Ray was long the archivist for Dr. Bobs Home in Akron, Ohio. And was a Managing Directors of the Home. He has a huge,... more

Dick B interviews Christian Recovery Leader Michael Liimatta

by Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

in Religion

on Tue, May 29, 2012

 This is the first interview of one of our many Christian Recovery Leaders. Rev. Michael Liimatta of Kansas City, Missouri is our guest today. Michael is a leader in the International Christian Recovery Coalition. He has been a leading... more

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