Monday, June 11, 2012

Calvary Church Los Gatos CA Christian Recovery Groups Growing

Hi Dick and Ken,
   We had our first God and the Big Book AA meeting at Calvary Church and it was a huge success. We had close to 40 people at the first meeting and Jesus was in the house. It was a powerful meeting and the meeting after the meeting was filled with talks of Christ, testimonies and love. We sold 5 or 6 of the , what I would call the Christian literature and only one of AA literature. I believe because many people already had much of the AA literature, but longed for a deeper connection with a Higher Power and were open minded. We sold several of the Runners Bible and Sermon on the Mount. I also picked up two sponcees. We also kicked off are 28th MIRROR 12 step faith based mens group this week with 63 new members. We go through the first edition "Old School" and we do step three in the church inviting the men to surrender to Jesus Christ. Many of the men who finish in the past have decieded to get baptized. Praise the Lord for the 12 steps and the outlined program of action. We have our first 12 Steps "Women of Wisdom" group starting this Thursday at 6PM with 28 women already signed up. We have a Christian Recovery Service and barbeque planned for September and I hope at some point you can come out and speak. The Lord is doing exciting things and moving in the ministry. I wanted to thank you for your dedication to keeping the history of AA alive and Christ centered! Don't really know you , but I love ya! Thanks again and may they Lord continue to bless your ministry!
Doug Nunes
Director of Recovery Ministries
Calvary Church of Los Gatos

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