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Preview: Dick B. Interviews David P., Rock Recovery, San Diego

Preview of Dick B.’s July 3, 2012, Radio Interview with Christian Recovery Leader David P. of the Rock Church in San Diego

By Dick B.

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Tomorrow, July 3, 2012, we will have David P. of San Diego as our guest. David is a businessman; a long-recovered A.A. member; overseer of Rock Recovery Ministry (, and a hands-on worker with alcoholics, addicts, and those who have other life-controlling problems in the vibrant Rock Church arena in San Diego, California. Rock Church is a rockin’ church. Thousands pour into the church each Sunday. It is the largest church in San Diego County. It has a noted senior pastor. Many of its members are involved in the recovery community. And the church certainly reaches out to help alcoholics, addicts, and other suffering souls in many ways.

David is a fast-moving catalyst in all these endeavors. As part of his work with Rock Recovery Ministry, he focuses on residential recovery facilities, treatment, the needs of the newcomer, and involvement in a broad community outreach through the church and the 12 Step recovery community. That focus also includes the Bible, attention to early A.A.’s Christian roots, and a balanced view of the importance of both “anonymous” fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous and Christian Recovery fellowships in the life of a church like the Rock Church.

Tuesday, David will probably introduce you to the following:

·         A little about his family, education, business, and drink-drug encounters.

·         A little about his A.A. involvement—past and present.

·         A little about Rock Church, its size, success, and dynamism.

·         A lot about the Rock Recovery Ministry as an outreach arm of the Rock Church to those who still suffer with addiction, including those involved in A.A., N.A., and Christian Recovery; e.g.:

o   Rock Recovery Ministry, its Web site, and its structure.

o   Typical activities: A.A. meetings, Bible study, the initial orientation meeting, the Beach Bonfire, Quiet Time and texting, attendance at the Rock Church, and other forms of outreach.

o   The sober living residential and treatment facilities—approach, number, beds, costs, recovery aspects, Christian aspects, and A.A. aspects.

o   David’s role in these

·         His support of our work and of the International Christian Recovery Coalition—including free distribution of Dick B.’s title, The Good Book and the Big Book; conference travel support, interviews, mention of Dick B. on their Web site, and personally.

·         Mission and visions for the future.

We welcome our good friend and Christian Recovery Leader David P.

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